Development & External Services

Development & External Services

The DES Office is responsible for the overall management and promotion of research activities for the campus. This includes all types of research, from basic to applied, whether postgraduate students are involved or not. A significant and growing proportion of research in the campus is carried out by professional research staff, such as Principal Investigators, post-doctoral researchers and research assistants, as well as postgraduate students. In the context of postgraduate studies, it is responsible for the non-academic or operational management of research degree projects, including the administration of studentship and scholarship funds. In summary, the role of the DES Office in relation to research degree programmes includes:

  • Development of Research Strategy; e.g. prioritised areas for research, formation of Institute Research Centres, internal research funding schemes.
  • Provision of office-type accommodation for research degree students.
  • Ensuring that students are aware of Institutional support systems and sources of advice.
  • Administration of research studentships and scholarships.
  • Overseeing & managing the postgraduate student Induction Training Programme.
  • Monitoring and implementing the campus policies and procedures in relation to Intellectual Property arising from research.
  • Promoting & publishing information on the Institute’s research degree programmes to stakeholders, including prospective students.
  • Goods & Services purchase orders for Postgraduate Students.

Enterprise Development Services including Enterprise Start Programme, M50 Enterprise Platform Programme and Synergy Business Incubation Centre.

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