Fee Implications of Deferring/Withdrawing

Before you Defer/Withdraw from your Full-time Programme

Before you decide to defer your place for one year or withdraw from your programme, we reccommend that you meet with your Head of Department to discuss your options. The Institute also has a number of support services available if you would like some advice or guidance in reaching the best decision for you. Our support services will support you as much as possible and help you make an informed decision. Please see below email address for our sources of support within the Institute if you wish to make an appointment:

Marie Kielty, Careers Officer -
Aisling O'Brien, Student Counsellor -

Saoirse Byrne Carter, SU Welfare Officer -


Financial Implications of Withdrawing/Deferring your Place on an IT Tallaght Programme


All students are required to follow the below procedure if they wish to defer/withdraw from their full-time programme:


  1. To withdraw from the college a student must complete an IT Tallaght Witdrawal Form and return it with their student ID card to the Registrar's Office.
  2. To seek a deferral of your place for one year a student must submit a letter to the Registrar.
  3. You are responsible for submitting the completed withdrawal form/letter of deferral to the Registrar's Office (Room 120).
  4. The date which the withdrawal form/ letter of deferral is submitted to the Registrar's Office is recorded as the official date of withdrawal/deferral.
  5. If you are in receipt of a grant, it is the students responsibility to notify their grant awarding authority of your intention to withdraw/defer from your programme.

Please note Deferrals are given for one academic year only.

If you are Springboard funded you do not have the option to defer your place because of the nature of the funding.

 NOTE: You have not withdrawn your place on your programme until the above process has been completed, a discussion or email with an academic is not sufficient. You will be notified in writing if you are granted a deferral for one academic year only.


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