Computing Research

Enterprise Software Technologies 

Enterprise Software Technologies Research Group is a centre of excellence for research in the field of Enterprise Software platforms, technologies, and solutions. The group conducts research across the whole field of enterprise software technologies concentrated on core research topics, namely:

  • Mobile Computing  software technologies
  • Distributed Computing software technologies
  • Scalable and High-Performance Computing
  • Development lifecycle issues for large-scale, complex, enterprise systems


Ontologies for E-Learning

Ontologies are being used to model orthogonal aspects of E-learning such as personalisation profiles, delivery methods, and the domain information itself. The Ontologies for E-Learning Special Interest Group is a collaborative effort between ITT Dublin and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, investigating diverse aspects of this domain such as automatic ontology construction; identification, analysis, and validation of domain information using multiple sources; and automatic assessment generation in narrow domains


For further details contact:

Dr John Burns, Department of Computing, ITT Dublin.
+353 1 4042766
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