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The computing industry is one of the strongest in Ireland at the moment with 8 out of 10 of the biggest players in the industry having bases in Ireland such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Google etc. Currently it is estimated that there are 3 jobs for every 1 graduate in the computing industry and this growth is expected to continue up to at least 2018 where there will have been approximately 44,000 jobs created in this sector.

In ITT Dublin there are two disciplines of computing course, both of which produce highly skilled and industry ready graduates who are capable of going straight to work in the ICT sector. The first year in computing is a common year for all students and then in second year they specify one of the below detailed courses.

As I have mentioned above the job prospects for Computing graduates are exceptional at the moment but another advantage of studying in ITT is that we do a mentoring programme with IBM and work placements with SAP which give students both an excellent learning facility but also create realistic career opportunities with almost all graduates being hired after graduation.

Computing (Software Development) - Level 6,7,8
This course focuses on producing graduates who develop new IT systems. This course is largely project based with students often working in conjunction with industry. Students will study computational theory, mathematics and algorithms modules which will equip them with the skill set required to be excellent computing systems developers. 

These systems could be similar to a SMART phone and the way the screen visually looks and the music and images are integrated to a complex office admin network that runs across an entire company in multiple locations.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a Level 8 degree is €24,000 to €35,000 and their is a significant trend for salaries to increase quickly once experience has been gained.

IT Management - Level 6,7,8
This course produces graduates who are capable of specifying, designing, implementing and managing IT systems in any modern organisation. They would be the person within the company that manages all the IT requirements and depending on the size of the company that would be more hands on or supervisory. Students in this course will undertakes a 6 month work placement in industry which is a huge advantage to them when they graduate as many will go on to work in their placement company. Graduates from this stream of computing would typically begin with a role such as junior analyst, database admin, network engineer, information security engineer and then progress on to management, consultation and audit roles.

Two thirds of our Level 8 graduates have reported promotion within 2 years of taking up employment with many finding an open door for employment with the company they did their work experience with.

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