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Age of Computing
There is no doubt, we are living in the digital age, in the middle of a technological revolution where our experience of life is enriched by the power of information freely available at our fingertips. By studying computing you are taking a decision to become an expert in a field which is re-shaping our world and how we experience it. Study Computing in TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus and you will be studying programmes at one of the most industry connected Computing departments in Dublin. In 2018 over 80 Tallaght Computing students are spending 6 months on industry internships with a further 20+ taking on industry sponsored undergraduate projects.

A world class hub of top Software and IT Companies now exists in Dublin with talented graduates from all around the world working in a vibrant international community. In addition to the major multinationals such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon AWS, Google and Facebook there are over 600 IT and Software companies based in Dublin. And, of course, Computer scientists are needed in every type of business, not just the IT industry. 

Ever Expanding Roles in Technology
The old idea of the Computer Scientist as a ‘programmer’ has moved on. The list of Computing numbers identified as in short supply in industry from the National Skills Bulletin 2017 numbers over twenty specialisms which TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus programmes serve: 

Software Developers: Cloud, Mobile, Web for complex architectures. Network Specialists, Linux Skills, Open Source, Database, QA, IT Automation, Performance Engineers, DevOps Specialists. Cloud Systems/solutions Architects, Database Architects, Cloud Infrastructure Architects. InfoSec (IT security), IoT (internet of things), Cyber security Analyst, Data/Information Security, Network Security. Business Intelligence: BI solutions, Big Data Analysts, ERP (enterprise resource planning) with SAP. Data Analytics. Artificial Intelligence. Machines Learning.IT managers and business analysts. Agile Analysis & Project Management. IT technicians: Troubleshooting, Complex Tech Support, Technology with Languages, Consultancy.

These are the skills developed in TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus computing programmes, aligned to real industry needs and skills shortages using modern platforms and technologies. Take a Computing programme with TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus and you are connecting into industry opportunities for interesting well paid careers.

TU Dublin-Tallaght Campus Computing – Strong Modern Core, Flexible Specialisations, Industry Connection

  1. Common Computing Core with 4 in demand specialisations
  2. Start on any stream - Transfer to the stream of your choice/ strength at the end of year 1.
  3. Industry Internship/ period abroad opportunity for all programmes in Year 3.

Common Year 1: Enter on Any Stream: From Year 2 Progress to Stream of Choice
Computing at IT Tallaght 2018

Please note that the course codes have changed

4 Streams – Re-Select Your Specialisation at end of Year 1.
(Level 6 HC/7 BSc can also select specialisations and complete to Level 8)

For more information on each stream click below:

All streams are current, have a placement opportunity in Year 3 and are in areas of national skill shortage. If you would prefer a Level 6 Higher Certificate or Level 7 Ordinary degree programme then was have these also available on the CAO .

Computing at IT Tallaght 2018

Common Core – Real Specialisations.

Now is the time
It is an exciting and rewarding time to undertake a career in Computer Science. This hasn’t happened by accident – Ireland has invested in attracting the best Computing and IT companies to do business here. Those graduating with good Computer Science and IT Degrees over the past 10 years have gone on to enjoy great, rewarding and interesting careers in the sector.

Computing graduates entering the market now into attractive positions were just like yourself only a short few years ago – curious and interested in a real career which uses your talent for understanding, creativity and hard work. There is no mystery about what makes a good computing graduate – just have a positive attitude to learning and be interested in a career with great potential for development in a global business based in Dublin.


Barry Feeney - HOD ComputingBarry Feeney MSc PhD ( Head of Department ) + 353 1 4042402 / barry.feeney@tudublin.ie

Department phone extensions: + 353 1 404 2436 / 2400 / 2406 - Fax: + 353 1 4042404


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