Campus traffic Managment at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus

Barrier on main thoroughfare beside the CASH / Synergy Centre
Following the completion of the campus wayfinding (external signage) contract over the summer, the vehicular traffic barrier on the road leading to/from the Greenhills Road gate, will come into operation from next Monday, 16th September. There is now a sign alongside the barrier stating when the barrier will be closed.

The barrier will close from 8am – 10am and 5pm – 7pm each day. It was a condition imposed by South Dublin Co. Council, as part of the planning permission of the enabling works/infrastructure project, that a barrier be used to prevent vehicular traffic using the campus roadways as a short cut during peak traffic times.

As of March 23rd 2010 we have implemented a strict towing and clamping policy.
Cars parked outside of the designated parking spaces will be clamped in-situ or towed to a designated location on the campus. Drivers will be required to pay a fee to the clamping company NCPS to have their car released to them. Drivers must deal directly with NCPS not the institute. The clamp release fee will be €70 and the towing release fee will be €300.

This notice is deemed to provide fair and advanced warning of the implementation of the system so please be advised that the system will be implemented in full from March 23rd onward.

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