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Accounting & Finance - Level 6,7 and 8
Regardless of where a student studies an Accounting and Finance course, when they graduate they must then get their professional qualifications. This involves additional exams which students will generally do while working. Depending on the degree you have you will get exemptions from a certain amount of these exams and ITT Dublin offers the maximum level of exemptions from professional exams. This places the Accounting & Finance course in ITT Dublin up in the same calibre as the best colleges and universities in Ireland.

As with all other departments the Accounting & Finance department has developed very strong industry links to ensure our graduates have a network of companies to approach for work. Our graduates compete successfully with all other colleges and universities for places with the big accountancy firms such as KPNG, Deloitte and Ernst & Young. We also have excellent relationships with the smaller local firms. The employment rate for successful Accounting & Finance graduates of ITT Dublin is very high and our course and graduates are highly rated within the industry.

Business Management - Level 6,7 and 8
Business Management in ITT Dublin would be similar to typical Commerce or Business Studies courses. In your first 2 years you will get a broad overview of the main aspects of business including Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Law, IT, Management etc. You will then select an area of specialisation in 3rd and 4th year be it in the area of Marketing, Economics or Human Relations.

Graduates from the Business Management degree are skilled in the areas of management, effective use of IT systems and successful communication. They have covered and are comfortable with all management concepts including business, psychology and sociology. Our students are encouraged to adopt a global perspective and to adopt creative and innovative approaches to their work.

The career opportunities fro graduates are excellent as this is a very flexible degree which allows students to explore careers in the area of finance, marketing, management, hospitality, retail and education to name but a few.

Marketing Management - Level 6,7 and 8
This course, as the name suggests is a very marketing focused course. A lot of students are confused as to the role of a marketing professional and we would say that the job of a marketer is to develop awareness of their companies products and services. Once you have informed the public about what you have to offer you can then go about convincing them that they need/ want it.

Students would study subjects such as: Marketing and Business Development, Marketing Law and Finance, Research Methods, Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Marketing across Cultures, Marketing Management and Strategy and Business Ethics along with the core business subjects such as economics, finance and business maths.

Again, as with all ITT courses the career opportunities are excellent as the course content and assignments are modelled so closely on industry examples so students have a practical, industry ready qualification. Graduates could work within the marketing department of a large organisation specialising in a certain discipline of marketing or they could work for a smaller company where they would be responsible for a wide range of marketing activities. There is also the option of getting into consultancy or agency work such as a PR company or Out-Sourced Marketing company.

Advertising & Communications - Level 8
This course was designed in conjunction with industry professionals. The marketing department approached advertising agencies and asked them what skills they would like graduates to have and based on their recommendations this 4 year, Level 8 course was developed. This course equips graduates with both the creative ability and technical skills to work in a wide range of industries such as advertising, public relations, event management, digital marketing, sponsorship, media, brand management etc.

Students will study subjects such as Analysing the Media, Business Information Systems, Culture and Identity, Design Studies, PR & Media Relations, Advertising Law, Graphic Design, Individual Buying Behaviour, Event Management, Interactive Marketing Design and Advertising Portfolio Design.

As this course was effectively designed by employers for employers the career opportunities are excellent as it produces industry ready, highly skilled graduates who are capable of hitting the ground running in a new position.

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