Application Procedure

An application for admission to a research degree programme can be made as soon as possible after the successful recruitment of a prospective candidate.

Only candidates who have been deemed eligible to apply for registration (see  Academic Entry Requirements) should prepare and submit an application.

Check out the  Admission & Registration Steps Flowchart for the steps involved.

Each application for registration must include a detailed research proposal (see Research Proposal Guidelines) and must have been independently evaluated by one of the following mechanisms:

  • Funded projects: Include a research proposal and provide the name the funding agency, funding amount secured for project and duration of funding;
  • Non-funded projects: The research proposal must be evaluated by internal or external experts in the proposed field of study and a report from the expert attached to the application;
  • Industrial sponsored projects: The research proposal must be evaluated by internal or external experts in the proposed field of study and a report from the expert attached to the application.

The completed form should be submitted by the proposed Supervisor first to the proposed sponsoring Head of Department, along with official hard copies of the supporting documentation listed below:

  1. Transcript of final examination results for the proposed candidate.
  2. Copy of the primary degree parchment for the proposed candidate.
  3. NARIC check results of the primary degree qualifications (for international applicants). NARIC Qualifications Assessment Procedure
  4. Certification of English language proficiency (for applicants not educated through English).  English Language Assessment Procedure

Note: Where an ethical consideration has been highlighted, the application cannot proceed without the recommendation of the campus Research Ethics Committee.

  • Following approval by the sponsoring Head of Department the electronic application form can then submitted by the Supervisor or Candidate to the Registrar via the Email Group Research Degree Submissions.
  • Hard copies of the supporting documentation should also be submitted by the Supervisor to the Office of the Registrar directly.
  • Once parchments have been authenticated by the Office of the Registrar, they can be returned to the applicant on request. All applications for admission are assessed and reviewed by the Institute Registrar in consultation with the Institute Postgraduate Research Advisory Board.
  • Where the Board is not satisfied, the application is returned to the sponsoring Department and Supervisor with an appropriate recommendation providing reasons for its rejection, e.g. more clarity on supervisory arrangements required, etc.
  • The Postgraduate Research Advisory Board may request an amendment and/or additional information to be included.The Supervisor should submit the amended form and/or additional information as required to the Office of the Registrar before the application can be processed further.
  • The application form is available from the Office of the Registrar
  • The candidate will also be provided with a Postgraduate Research Student Handbook.
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