Application For PhD transfer

Students wishing to transfer from the Master’s Register to the Doctoral Register will make a formal application to the Registrar following procedure below. Normally, such applications should not be made earlier than one year after admission to the Master’s register; and not later than one year before the expected date of completion of the proposed doctoral research.

Procedure for applying to transfer to the Doctoral Degree Register:

  • 1. A request for transfer to the Doctoral Register can only be initiated following the recommendation of the Supervisor(s) in consultation with the sponsoring Head of Department.
  • 2. Following successful consultation in Step 1 above, the Principal Supervisor should inform the student that they are deemed eligible to apply for transfer to the Doctoral Register.
  • 3. The student is then required to prepare a transfer report under the guidance of the Supervisor(s). This is normally a typewritten report (normally 5000 words in length at least) which is then submitted to the Principal Supervisor.

    The report normally includes details of:
    Review and discussion of the work already undertaken

    An outline of the proposed doctoral research project and a general timescale for completion of the work
  • 4.  When satisfied, the Supervisor(s) will normally recommend the Transfer Report be forwarded to an External Assessor, as nominated by the Supervisor(s) for review. The external expert may be an approved External Examiner for research degree programmes and where they are not, they must meet the same Criteria for External Examiners of Research Degrees
  • 5.  The External Assessor is required to carry out an assessment of the student’s suitability to conduct proposed doctoral research to the knowledge, skill and competence level required for Doctoral Degree programmes.

    They must submit a signed written report on their assessment to the Principal Supervisor, indicating whether it is recommended the student transfer to the Doctoral register or not with supporting reasons.
  • 6. If a satisfactory report is recorded from the external assessor the complete the appropriate application form should be completed. The form should be completed by the candidate and the proposed Supervisor(s). The application form is available from the Office of the Registrar.
  • 7. If an unsatisfactory report is recorded a review of the transfer report document and/or whether the transfer application should not progress further may be required. The recommendations of the assessor will guide the way forward in that regard.
  • 8. Following a satisfactory outcome to the external assessment the proposed Supervisor(s) should submit the following to the Office of the Registrar:

    The electronic application form
    A signed copy of the External Assessors Report
  • 9. The application must be approved on behalf of the Institute by the Registrar in consultation with the Postgraduate Research Board.
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