1. Appeals Process for Unsuccessful Applicants to Research Degree Programmes

 Appeals – Submission of an Application for Registration from TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus to HETAC:
In the case of a rejection by the campus of an application for admission to a research degree register, the candidate may submit a request to the campus Registrar to appeal the decision. All appeals should be lodged with the Registrar not later than ten working days after the date of receipt of the original outcome of the registration process. Only written appeal requests will be considered.

It rests with the Registrar to determine whether the appeal should go ahead or not and how the appeal should be processed in accordance with the campus appeals procedures (Appendix F of Code of Practice). All such appeals will be processed by the campus within four weeks of receipt of the request. In the event of the written appeal to the campus proving unsuccessful the candidate has the right to further appeal in writing to the Director within five working days of receiving the original decision.

Appeals – Unsuccessful HETAC Registration:

HETAC will only consider appeals on unsuccessful registrations through the Principal of the campus. All registration appeals to HETAC should be communicated in writing by the Principal of the campus.

The campus appeals procedure in Appendix F of Code of Practice should be followed first in this instance. Once a written appeal is received by HETAC it will be considered by their Research Degree Programme committee. In the event that an appeal is not upheld by the committee the campus may appeal to the decision to the NQAI.

2. Annual Assessment Appeals Process

If the result of the annual assessment is unfavourable, the student may appeal this result directly to the Registrar, following the procedure outlined in Appendix F of Code of Practice. Appeal requests must be lodged with the Registrar within ten working days after the original notification of the assessment result. Only written appeals will be considered. Where an appeal is unsuccessful the student may submit a further written appeal to the Principal within five days of receiving the original decision. The annual renewal of registration will only progress if the appeal has been successful.

3. Appeals against the Outcome of Examination

A candidate may appeal their examination result to the Registrar. The written appeal request must specify the grounds on which the review is sought and must contain all the information which the candidate requires to have taken into account in the review. The grounds for review of an examination result are as follows:

a) The examination regulations have not been properly implemented.

b) The regulations do not adequately cover the candidate’s case.

c) Compassionate or medical circumstances (made known to appropriate Head of Department or to the Registrar) related to the
    candidates examination situation of which the Examiners were unaware, prior to or during the examination process.

d) Significant performance related information which the appellant believes was not considered by the Examiners.

Such an appeal can be made in relation to the examination process only.Any complaint about other matters such as inadequate supervision must have been raised during the research and long before submission of the thesis.

Appeal requests must be received by the Registrar not later than ten working days after the candidate received notification of the examination result and will first consider whether there is a prima facie case for a review of the examination result.

If it is considered that the request is clearly frivolous, vexatious or outside the permitted grounds, the Registrar will discuss the request with the Principal. If it is agreed that there is no prima facie case, the recommendation will be submitted to the campus Postgraduate Research Board for a decision. The Board may support the recommendation or require further investigation or action on the review, including seeking advice from HETAC on the matter. There shall be no appeal from the decision of the Board or HETAC.

If it is considered that there is a prima facie case for a review the Registrar will gather such evidence as is considered appropriate and likely to assist a panel in reviewing the case. This may include seeking written or oral testimony from the examiners, from other persons present at the oral examination, from supervisors or other members of the academic staff, or further evidence or statements by way of elucidation from the candidate.

The request for a review shall be considered by a review panel, constituted by the Registrar in accordance with standard campus procedures. It must include persons who have experience of supervising and examining research degrees and who have had no previous involvement in the case. No student or research degree candidate shall be a member of the research degree review panel. A review panel shall not be constituted as an examination board.

If the review panel decides that a candidate has valid grounds for a review, it shall recommend that the Registrar request HETAC to either:

a) invite the examiners to reconsider their decision; or

b) appoint new examiners.

There shall be no appeal from the decision of the review panel and HETAC.

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