Nanofabrication - templating methodologies


Project title: Nanofabrication - templating methodologies.

Researcher: Anna Tsigara, David Ward, Zhenyu Chu

Objective: Polymeric/metallic nanotubes grown from solution using a template method enable nanoparticle deposition and controlled tubule growth which may then be used to entrap chemical/biological materials with resultant sensing applications. Monolayer formation of polystyrene beads leads to nanomasks which can be patterned using metallic physical vapour deposition or conducting polymer growth with formation of “Nanonets” –see SEM images below.

Funding: Strand III PRDSP and EU FP7 Marie Curie Incoming International Fellowship


A. Tsigara, A. Benkhial, S. Warren, F. Akkari, J. Wright, F. Frehill and E. Dempsey*, ‘ Metal microelectrode nanostructuring using nanosphere lithography and photolithography with optimization of the fabrication process’, Thin Solid Films Volume 537, 30 June 2013, Pages 269–274.

Chu, Zhenyu; Shi, Lei; Zhang, Yannan; Jin, Wanqin; Warren, Susan; Ward, David; Dempsey, Eithne, ‘Single layer Prussian blue grid formed using nanosphere lithography as a versatile enzyme trap for biosensor development’, Journal of Materials Chemistry vol. 22 issue 30 July 10, 2012. p. 14874-14879

An aspect of this research activity is based upon the synthesis, characterisation of new types of transition metal substituted polyoxometalates. These are an attractive class of inorganic metal-oxo clusters because of their potential applications in the areas of catalysis, molecular electronics, and have recently been incorporated into these nanostructured surfaces for electrocatalytic applications.

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