Self Service Password Reset Facility (how to)

This Procedure is to show users how to register for the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) service.


Step 1. – How to Register
In order to reset your own password you will have to register for the service first. This is a once off exercise and takes approximately three minutes. To begin the registration process you will need to click on





You will be presented with a similar screen to [Fig. 1]

[Fig. 1]
From this page you will need to click on the Next button.


You will now be presented with [Fig. 2]
Here you will need to enter a current valid working password.

[Fig. 2]
Click Next to continue. 

[Fig. 3]. You will now be prompted to answer six questions.
The answers you provide should be ones that you will not forget. Recommendation is you use all lowercase characters and no spaces when answering the questions. Each answer must contain at least four characters and no two answers may be the same.

       [Fig. 3]
On completion of the six questions, click next to finish the registration process.



[Fig 4]
You will now have successfully registered for the SSPR service and will be able to reset your password from anywhere you have internet access. Step 2 describes the password reset procedure.

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