Courses offered through Springboard+ (including ICT Skills)
Springboard+ offers a choice of free, part-time and intensive conversion courses in higher education from certificate, to degree, to post-graduate level. The courses availlable at Institute of Technology Tallaght in September 2016 include a 30 credit, Level 6 Certificate in Culinary Skills, a 60 credit, Level 7 Bachelor of Science in the Management of Innovation and Technology, a 30 credit, Level 7 Certificate in Cloud, Provisioning, Management and Security (Level 7, 30 credits) and the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (now offered for free both full-time, for the unemployed, and part-time, for those in employment). For some more details on each of these please see below. All applications are made through the Springboard+ website which also has detailed information on eligibility. You can find further information on Institute of Technology Tallaght courses here and, for courses offered in partnership with Innopharma, click here, and with NIBRT, click here


Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (90 credits, Level 8)
The Higher Diploma in Science in Computing is an Honours Degree level graduate conversion programme which gives graduates from non-computing backgrounds the skills and knowledge to start a career in the IT industry. It is now available as a one year fullt-time or two year part-time programme for those in work wishing to commence a career in the ICT sector.
The full time Higher Diploma in Science in Computing in IT Tallaght has over 90% conversion rate from completing the programme into full time employment in the ICT Sector. SAP, Version 1 and Ergo are the leading employers of graduates from this programme. The Higher Diploma in Science in Computing carries a unique level of industry support from some of the leading software and IT companies in the world - Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Telecity, Ergo, Sage, Version1(up to 30 more). The programme consists of two semesters of intensive computing education allied to a six months internship in an IT company. Graduate employment from the programme has been very strong with the vast majority of successful graduates obtaining graduate entry positions in the ICT sector. Graduates from the programme will be eligible for progression to an MSc programme in Computing in IT Tallaght.


Bachelor of Science in the Management of Innovation and Technology (Level 7, 60 credits)
The one-year programme provides a wide range of career and professional development opportunities for persons employed (or formerly employed) in lower/middle management positions in industry. The programme seeks to upskill and improve the career and employment opportunities of participants by developing their business management skills in the key areas of: quality management, operations management, project management, logistics, services management, data analytics, digital marketing and innovation. It enables participants to manage the introduction of new technologies, as well as products and services, and to integrate them into the firms' strategies. Participants typically come from a cross section of business, including transport logistics, ICT, healthcare, the food and drinks industries, pharmaceuticals, security, services and construction-related sectors. The programme is delivered three evenings per week in part-time mode which facilitates people already in employment and participants who may subsequently gain employment during the course. 

  • For more information and how to apply click here.


Certificate in Cloud, Provisioning, Management and Security with AWS Certification (Level 7, 40 credits)
The programme aims to up-skill those with level 6 and level 7 IT qualifications and knowledge and/or experience of IT systems so that they can access roles requiring up to date technical knowledge and hands on experience of cloud and virtualisation infrastructure as well as IT automation and Security. It is designed to provide an intensive programme in cloud and virtualisation infrastructure management. Students will gain an understanding of the key theoretical concepts as well as the hands on build, secure and manage experience. Security issues, business continuity, capacity management issues, data centre networking, virtualized server technology and distributed storage systems will be treated in theory and in proactive. This course has been designed in consultation with leading industry experts and companies in the field of cloud and virtualisation design, delivery and management.

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Higher Certificate in Science in Good Manafacturing Practice and Technology, Year 1 only  (Level 6, 65 credits)
The one-year programme is designed to provide persons starting employment in the bio and pharmaceutical industry and/or persons currently working in the industry but without a relevant qualification with an opportunity to develop a relevant higher level qualification. The industry currently has, because of significant expansion in scale and activity, a continuing strong need for well qualified staff.

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Certificate in Network, Security and Scripting (Level 7,40 credits)

IT infrastructure provision is becoming an increasing complex activity with software defined networking and infrastructure re-configurability becoming key issues. This programme,for which the network elements are focused around the Cisco CCNA, goes further than the knowledge available in the CCNA and adds significant skills in information security and IT scripting. It is designed for those with the capability and aptitude to take on roles as junior Networking/ Infrastructure/ Security resources in an organisation. Candidates will either be beginners with a strong aptitude for IT as demonstrated by interviews and assessments or people with an IT background or experience at a jun
Candidates will have an opportunity to obtain CISCO certification(s) by taking certification examinations. Experiential learning modules will form part of the candidates preparations covering preparation for certification and/or work experience.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing with Data Analytics (Level 8, 70 credits)Our BSc degree in Computing has been updated for 2017-2018 to include new modules in the area of Data Analytics based on industry requirements. IT companies require graduates to have strong computing skills. However, companies are realising the potential of the data they have collected and therefore this degree combines both core computing and data analytical skills. Students will graduate from this programme having a deep understanding of computing applications development within several key areas and with the knowledge of how to transform big data into specific information for key stakeholders.

This award is targeted at learners identified in the 2017 Guidance for Higher Education Providers on current and future skills needs of enterprise. This programme provides high level ICT Skills and Big Data Skills. Participants on this programme will have a minimum level 7 award with competence in statistics, IT and scripting/ programming.
In this information age many organisations are data-rich, information poor. Modern IT Systems permit the accumulation of phenomenal amounts of data, however turning this data into useful information for a business or organisation is another matter.

Students of the programme will have a strong set of computing knowledge and skills allied to specific computing focused data analytics skills. They will be given a sufficient grounding in data analysis and database operation to be able to perform basic well founded data analysis. Students will further receive a solid grounding in data reporting, presentation and visualisation.

The course would particularly suit anyone who has already worked in an information technology role and who now needs to update or up skill in order to access current job opportunities.

The report by the EGFSN/Forfas, Assessing the Demand for Big Data and Analytics Skills in Ireland 2013-2020, forecasts a continuing strong demand for data analytics and related skills across the economy. Companies envisage that they will continue to need to recruit both experienced individuals and new graduates in these areas in the future.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing with Software Development (Level 8, 70 credits)

This BSc Hons Degree has been very successful over the past several years. This Degree has been updated for 2017-2018 to incorporate new modules based on current industry requirements such as public cloud, private cloud and Dev ops.

The award in computing focuses on providing the student with deep current skills in software development, interactive web applications, enterprise database technologies, cloud technologies, virtualization, social media analysis, scripting, algorithms & data structures and visualization. Graduates of this programme have strong technical skills across a range of current IT technologies and are in a position to write code/scripts/algorithms, design cloud applications, develop enterprise web applications and visualize information from a range of different database sources. 

The award in IT Management provides deep current skills in web, database, cloud technologies, operating systems, networks and infrastructure. Graduates of this programme have strong technical skills across a range of current IT technologies and are in a position to analyze, configure, make secure and manage the IT resources in an organization. 

This programme is available through an advanced entry mechanism for suitability qualified candidates. The aim of this programme is to produce graduates with the skills knowledge and competence, to enable them to work in the technical management of IT resources, Areas covered include, advanced web development, cloud & distributed computing, networking, advanced databases, operating systems and either a software development or innovation entrepreneurship module depending on elective choice.

The course would particularly suit anyone who has already worked in an information technology/software development role and who now needs to update or up skill in order to access current job opportunities.

This course also facilitates current employees that are looking to up-skill and potentially move up within their area.

Graduates from this course have went on to pursue roles as data analysts, software engineers, cloud architects, support engineers, QA consultants, security engineers, network engineers, database administrators, web developers and IT system managers with such companies as SAP, SAGE, Microsoft, IBM, Fidelity, Openet, Ergo, SalesForce and Bank of Ireland.

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Springboard+ is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.



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