1st Year Registration & Collection of Student Card

Timetable September 2017


Students should ensure that they are on Campus at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of registration and tour of your campus..


Rooms 025 & 029 and are located on the ground floor of the main building and are adjacent to the college shop.

What You Need to Bring to your Registration

  1. Receipt of fees paid (if paying your own fees)
  2. SUSI grant application number (if applied for or have confirmation of being in receipt of a grant)
  3. Passport OR copy of original birth certificate
Date Programme Level Room
Friday 1st September TA021 European Studies 8(HD) 025
10:15am TA022 Creative Digital Media 8(HD) 025
  TA125 International Business 8(HD) 025
  TA116 International Business 7(OD) 025
10:30am TA025 Social Care Practice 8(HD) 029
Monday 4th September TA203 Mechanical Engineering 6(HC) 025
09:15am TA213 Mechanical Engineering 7(OD) 025
  TA215 Energy and Environmental Eng 7(OD) 025
  TA222 Mechanical Engineering 8(HD) 025
  TA218 Biomedical Design 7(HD) 025
  TA224 Biomedical Design 8(HD) 025
  TA216 Electronic Engineering 7(OD) 025
  TA221 Electronic Engineering 8(HD) 025
  TA201 Electronic Engineering 6(HC) 025
09:30am TA302 Computing 6(HC) 029
  TA312 Computing 7(OD) 029
  TA322 Computing 8(HD) 029
  TA328 Computing with Languages 8(HD) 029
  TA329 Data Analytics 8(HD) 029
  TA313 Information Technology Management 7(OD) 029
Tuesday 5th September TA006 Culinary Arts 6(HC) 029
09:15am TA015 International Hospitality and Tourism Management 7(OD) 029
  TA026 International Hospitality and Tourism Management 8(HD) 029
  TA315 DNA and Forensic Analysis 7(OD) 029
  TA301 Applied Biology 6(HC) 029
  TA311 Bioanalysis 7(OD) 029
  TA326 DNA and Forensic Science 8(HD) 029
09:30am TA314 Pharmaceutical Science 7(OD) 025
  TA316 Sports Science and Health 7(OD) 025
  TA321 Pharmaceutical Science 8(HD) 025
  TA327 Sports Science and Health 8(HD) 025
Wednesday 6th September TA122 Management 8(HD) 025
09:15am TA106 Business (Common Entry) 6(HC) 025
  TA113 Management 7(HD) 025
  TA014 Advertising & Marketing Communications 7(OD) 025
  TA023 Advertising & Marketing Communications 8(HD) 025
  TA114 Marketing 7(OD) 025
  TA123 Marketing Management 8(HD) 025
09:30am TA121 Accounting and Finance 8(HD) 029
  TA111 Accounting and Finance 7(HD) 029
Thursday 7th September      
09:15am Erasmus   025
09:30am All international/Exchange/Visiting   029

6 HC - Higher Certificate

7 OD - Ordinary Degree

8 HD - Honours Degree


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