Development & Access Support


IT Tallaght provides free support to students in the following areas:

  • • Maths
  • • Academic English
  • • Study Skills
  • • Revision and Exam Techniques
  • • Career Planning
  • • Statistics

Maths Support Centre

IT Tallaght provides support to students who need additional help in all areas of mathematics. There are two types of support available:

1. Maths drop-in Centre
This is a drop-in centre staffed by mathematics lecturers who will help students with any problems they may have. The staff have a great deal of experience in boosting the confidence of adult learners returning to higher education.

A computer based learning environment used by IT Tallaght to provide maths support for the past 10 years, CALMAT has been particularly successful with adults returning to study.

Academic English Support

Many students returning to study require some support with structuring reports and assignments. IT Tallaght provides Academic English Support to give them any help they may require, especially in the early stages of their programme. Where English is not a student’s first language, the Academic English Support will give them any help they need with written English. The service supports students who need help with all aspects of academic writing and communication.

Study Skills Workshop

These interactive workshops are designed to help students find out what type of learner they are and how to get the most out of their college experience. Areas the workshops cover include Motivation & Time Management, The Study Environment, Taking Notes in Class, Research & Writing, Effective Memory Techniques and Presentation skills.
Revision & Exam Techniques Workshop
This workshop is for students who need pointers on how best to revise and prepare for exams. When studying part-time, we recognise that there can be many demands on student’s time and it is therefore important to take control and implement an effective revision and exam strategy. During these sessions students are given practical advice on revision techniques and preparing for exams.

Career Planning Workshop

These workshops provide students with an excellent opportunity to look at self assessment, including making informed career decisions and determining what they really want to do. During the sessions students also look at active job searching skills including networking and how to make recruitment agencies work for them.

Statistics Support

The Statistics Clinic is an opportunity for students to get some statistical support with any research project they might be undertaking, whether big or small. Similar to a visit to a GP, students sit down and have a chat about their project. Help and advice can be given on all areas of statistics including the collecting and organising of data as well as analysis.

Head Start Programmes

IT Tallaght runs a number of ‘Head Start’ programmes for students who want to refresh their skills in Maths and Academic English. Please visit our website for further details.

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