Online Payments

ITT Dublin is committed to providing flexible and efficient services to all students, and as part of this strategy we have implemented a facility to allow applicants, students and graduates to make payments to the Institute online.

You must allow 3 - 5 working days settling period for your charges/payments to appear on your student account. A students record on the website is based on the students record with the Institute, and thus when making a payment a student must take this settling period into account.

To make a payment you need your student ID number (X000…..) and your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

The following options are available: Full and Part time fees, replacement student cards, replacement transcripts & ACCESS English exam.


In recognition of the current economic climate the Institute has introduced options to assist those students who are experiencing difficulties in paying their fees.  You now have the following options when paying your fees:

  1. You can pay 100% of the fee due online
  2. You can pay 50% of the fee due upon registration and the remaining 50% by 31st January

If choosing option 2 above - In the student charges option, tick the box and enter the amount you wish to pay.  Please don’t tick the current fees box.

Student fees, either fee balances from previous terms or fees due for current academic year (2014-15) can be paid online using either credit, debit or laser cards. [CLICK HERE TO PAY NOW]. 

Please note, there is a limit on laser card payments, the limit is €1,500 per transaction (this is not a daily limit), therefore you may be required to complete two transaction to pay fees in full.

For part time fee queries please email

For full time fee queries please email

Replacement Transcripts

Students/Graduates can pay for replacement transcripts (€20 per academic year) online using credit, debit or laser cards. Upon payment you will receive an email confirmation. To request your transcript please complete the form, available in the student forms section of the website and email to
[pay now].

Replacement ID Cards

Students can pay online for replacement ID cards (€20 per card) using credit, debit or laser cards. Once paid please request a replacement id card from the Lifelong Learning Office (in the foyer, opposite the main stairs). Please keep email as confirmation of payment. [pay now]

ACCESS English Exam

Part time applicants that need to take the ACCESS English exam can pay for this (€50) online using credit, debit or laser cards. To enquire about the ACCESS English Exam please contact [pay now]

Repeat Tuition

Student fees including fee balances from previous terms and/or fees due for current academic year (2014-15) must be paid online using either credit, debit or laser cards. You must be registered for your repeat tuition with the Registrars Office in order for your fees to appear on your online account. If you wish to pay and have query relating to your fees please contact the Registrars Office ( [pay now]

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