UAM & ITT Promote Student Mobility.

The Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM, Mexico, D.F) & IT Tallaght promote student mobility.

*Agreements have been signed to promote collaboration in teaching, research and culture.

*IT Tallaght (Dublin) will be included as one of the International Mobility destinations for students in the Winter-Spring semester  2018.


Doctor Eduardo Abel Peñalosa Castro, Rector of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM, Mexico, D.F.), y Thomas Stone, B. Comm., MBS., FCCA, President of the Institute of Technology, Tallaght, Dublin(IT Tallaght) today signed a General Agreement of Cooperation along with a Special Agreement which seek to promote international mobility for students in both institutions. The event, which took place in the Office of the Rector was also attended by a team from IT Tallaght which comprised Mr Barry Feeney, PhD. Head of the Department of Computing, Mr Pat Coman, Head of Development and External Services and Mr Fernando Pérez Téllez, PhD., collaborator with UAM.

The first of these agreements will enable the development of teaching activities and the dissemination of research findings and materials of cultural significance through academic exchanges with both faculty members and researchers, along with undergraduate and postgraduate students in both institutions.    


The agreement proposes the development of joint projects and programmes for Lifelong Learning which include the organisation of symposia, lectures, short courses, workshops and the exchange of academic publications and materials of an academic and scientific nature.

It will attempt to enhance a mutual understanding of the respective economic and social contexts in each country, as well as a commitment to responding to matters of significance.

The additional Special Agreement will facilitate mobility for one undergraduate student and two postgraduate students in the area of Computing as well as one undergraduate and another postgraduate student in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities.

IT Tallaght (Dublin) will be included in the list of destination universities in the Winter-Spring semester, 2018.

Doctor Héctor Jiménez Salazar, researcher in the Department of Computing and Information Technologies, Cuajimalpa (UAM) commented that IT Tallaght is the first Irish institution with which the UAM has signed such an agreement.

Current students of Computing in UAM and in Mexico generally have a high level of skills and knowledge and are always highly sought after as graduates. An experience of student mobility such as this presents these students with a great opportunity for ongoing learning in this field. IT Tallaght has extensive links with industry outside of the academic sphere, particularly those which target the development  of  new applications and products. This experience will enable Computing students from UAM to learn about the latest developments in this area.

During the ceremony, Dr. Peñalosa Castro and Mr Tom Stone welcomed the new agreement and expressed the hope that it would be enduring and mutually beneficial.

Also in attendance were UAM lecturer, Cristy Haydée Robledo Escobedo, Director of Educational links in the Department of Coordination of Academic Links and Institutional Development & Mr David Alejandro Díaz Méndez, Director de Communications.

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