ITT & BUAP form Academic Links.

IT Tallaght has established links with Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico). This agreement will bring many benefits with regard to academic work within the university, enable both faculty and student exchanges and will enhance shared academic and investigative technologies.

To advance and consolidate the international vision of BUAP, a collaborative agreement was signed with the Institute of Technology, Tallaght (Dublin).

Ygnacio Martínez Laguna, lecturer and vice Rector of Research and Post Graduate Research in BUAP, representing Rector Alfonso Esparza Ortiz, has indicated that this agreement signals the strengthening of one of the fundamental principles of the Institutional Developmental Plan 2013-17, namely the Internationalisation of academic programmes.

“Internationalisation is one of the primary objectives of our institution, which will benefit academic programmes as well as faculty and student mobility. Therefore, by linking the activities of BUAP with that of other institutions, the possibility of achieving this objective is enhanced. In addition, it enriches the academic life of the respective partner universities,” Martinez Laguna explained.

Higher education, he went on to say, requires mechanisms that empower one’s ability to achieve one’s full potential within the knowledge society. This challenge cannot happen in isolation but rather through cooperation and exchange, hence the significance of this agreement.

In addition, the collaboration will strengthen the PhD Programme in Natural Language Processing in the Department of Computer Science, thanks to BUAP lecturer Dr. David Pinto Avendano and his work with this Irish academic institution.  

Thomas Stone, President of the Institute of Technology, Tallaght, also affirmed that the agreement will further strengthen those ties of friendship initiated by colleagues in the area of Computing, which continue to thrive and grow. The Institute of Technology, Tallaght is one of the main Higher Education institutions in Ireland. It has almost 4,000 undergraduate students and many centres of excellence, including a Business Incubation Hub. It is a multicultural campus which celebrates diversity, with students of over 70 nationalities among last year’s cohort. 

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