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Tallaght poem by Irish Psychologist


Owen Fitzpatrick

27 people kill themselves every ten minutes somewhere on the planet. Many millions of people across the world struggle with mental illness. Depression, anxiety, fear, panic, low self-esteem and self-hate are all real experiences which debilitate so many people. Over the last few years, thankfully, celebrities and sports stars in Ireland and around the world have been opening up about their struggle with their own minds and explain the importance of sharing this battle with others.

Psychologist and former RTE Presenter Owen Fitzpatrick recently performed a special TEDx talk in Tallaght on battling mental illness. Having been viewed by over thirty thousand people and shared hundreds of times on Facebook within four weeks since it first appeared online, the talk resonated with many people across the globe. 

By opening up to some of his own worst thoughts, Owen hopes to make a real difference to those who, like him, have struggled with depression, anxiety and bullying. 

His piece blended poetry, rap, behavioural science and his own personal battle with depression as he tackled what he calls the ‘war in your head’. When Owen was asked about the risk he took by performing his talk, he said “whenever I find myself struggling, I feel like I’m arguing with my own inner demon. They are very convincing and try and rule our mind like a dictator. I hoped that taking a risk would get more attention on something that many people really connect with.” 

Owen is an international best-selling author, psychologist, trainer and speaker who has spoken to audiences in 28 countries. He has shared the stage with speakers Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Jean Claude Van Damme and Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and has been hired by Billionaires, Olympic athletes as well as Coca Cola, Google, Pfizer, Abbott, Barclays Bank, CBI, Sage and Car Trawler.

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