Certificate in Cloud Provisioning, Management & Security

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    Level 07 Minor Award

About the Course

This course also includes AWS Certification

With the migration IT infrastructure of major companies to the Cloud we are seeing an increase in complexity, provisioning and configurability issues associated with this move. Existing IT Operations resources need significant new skill sets and knowledge to handle this change. Companies and organisations need their IT resources to be cloud savvy in detail to benefit from cloud based opportunity.

This programme aims to up-skill those with level 6 and level 7 IT qualifications and knowledge and/or experience of IT systems so that they can access roles requiring up to date technical knowledge and hands on experience of cloud and virtualisation infrastructure as well as IT automation and Security.

This course has been designed to provide an intensive programme in cloud and virtualisation infrastructure design, deployment and management. Students will gain an understanding of the key theoretical concepts as well as the hands on build, secure and manage experience. Security issues, business continuity, capacity management issues, data centre networking, virtualized server technology and distributed storage systems will be treated in theory and in proactive.

This course has been designed in consultation with Amazon AWS and other leading industry experts and companies in the field of cloud and virtualisation design, delivery and management. IT Tallaght was invited to be a 'Beta' tester of the AWS academy and has been the first college in Ireland to deliver the AWS Academy material. This has involved detailed trailing and certification of academic staff as well as ongoing interactions with AWS Dublin and London.

In the 2016 IT Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge, 59% of IT professionals are currently working on, or plan to pursue, some form of certification within the current year. AWC Cloud Architect Certification, which is a component of this programme, is recognised as one of the most valuable certifications currently. Those that have obtained a certification recently have noted an increase in their job effectiveness because of related training. Therefore, this course not only provides the in-depth knowledge of how to be proficient in cloud technologies but also gives graduates the opportunity to obtain a globally recognised certification by Amazon AWS.

Entry Level

Level 6 or equivalent in a cognate discipline.

Previous knowledge of IT systems administration and networking.

Important Course Information

A Flexible Information Technology Education (FLITE) programme.

This programme is delivered using a blended learning model so students have some choice about when they attend. This allows each student to match their study with home, family, work or social commitments.

  • Classes and laboratories are delivered typically 2.5 or 3 evenings per week.
  • Attendance is only compulsory for continuous assessments. (An assessment schedule is given at the beginning of the semester.)
  • You choose what to attend based on your own skills and knowledge – use the Saturday sessions to catch up if you don’t make a particular class.
  • On Saturday mornings tutors are available provide support with the subjects on the programme. Typically people seek to go over material where they missed a class during the week or seek extra help with areas they are finding difficult. Extra classes can be arranged in response to demand.
  • All lecture notes and a range of other supporting resources are available over the web via a learning management system.


Career Opportunities

This programme contains two specific items that focus on job readiness. A module focused on career development (5 credits) and a module focused on experiential learning (5 credits).

Career Development: This module is designed specifically for the learning needs of springboard 2016 participants. It is centred around the following topics: Understanding career planning, Dealing with Change, The hidden jobs Market and How to present a good CV. How to present ˜Your own brand, Interview Skills and Techniques and Devising my own Career Plan. This module is assessed based on student output.

Experiential Learning: This is a module that can be completed through work placement, preparation for Industry certification, project work (including interdisciplinary projects), industry sponsored projects and service-learning. This module is designed specifically for this programme, drawing on strong background in industry liaison and service-learning/community based learning in the Department of Computing IT Tallaght.

How to Apply

Applications to this programme are made online 

Further Information

Programme Leader
Barry Feeney, Head of Computing, ITT
Dublin. Tel: +353 1 404-2402
or e-mail


More Information
Information Desk, Department of Lifelong
Learning. Tel: 01 404-2101
or e-mail:

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