English as a Foreign Language

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    Level 6 Single Subject

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    1 Academic Year

About the Course


The main aim of this programme is to prepare those whose first language is not English, but have a good knowledge of English, for examination leading to a Higher Certificate in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) which is recognised internationally.


The Programme Aims to:

  • Review and consolidate basic grammar points and introduce students to more advanced grammatical concepts appropriate to their level.
  • Improve efficiency in written skills with special focus on written communication for business and academic purposes.
  • Further develop oral (speaking) competency by focusing on pronunciation, presentation skills, register (the use of appropriate terminology), vocabulary expansion and grammatical accuracy.
  • Enhance listening skills using state-of-the-art technology and materials which focus on issues of national, international and cultural interest (news items, documentaries, films, etc.).
  • Increase the students' awareness of Irish culture, politics and history to give them a better understanding of Ireland & the Irish way of life.

Entry Level

This course is designed for those with a working knowledge of written and spoken English who wish to improve their language skills and gain a formal quallification. The classes are delivered at 3 levels (Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, and Higher Intermediate/Advanced). Before attending the first class, all applicants will complete a placement assessment to identify their current level of English. The test will enable the Institute to place students in the correct class for progression of their language skills.

The course provides general preparation and guidance for students who wish to sit either the IELTS exam in Academic English or the IELTS exam in general Training. More information

The placement test consists of two components. The first component comprises a grammar test (multiple choice questions/answers - one hour in duration) and the second component is a short listening test (multiple choice questions/answers - 15 minutes duration). Students will be informed of their results/level within a few days and assigned their class.

Important Course Information

At each level, the course will focus on improving existing skills in all four areas of language learning (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Students will further develop their knowlidge of grammar and learn to put rules into pratice when speaking and writing. Work on grammar is supported by functional written tasks such as letter/e-mail writing, report writing, etc. Students will also apply this grammatical knowledge when engaging in speaking activities (role-plays, interviews, general conversation, presentations, etc. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and using appropriate vocabulary and making the necessary distinction between professional and idiomatic language.

Key areas of pronunciation will be addressed at the start of each course to ensure that students communicate fluently and competently in both a social and/or professional context.

Students will engage in expandeing vocabulary through reading texts from a variety of up-to-date sources such a newspapers, magazines, advertisements and letters. Emphasis will be placed on expanding the students' existing vocabulary through the use of synonym/antonym exercises, word games and matching exercises. Writing exercises will concentrate on fluency, the employment of an effective range of vocabulary, correct punctuation and spelling.

Listening exercises will include topical documentaries and news items which will focus on local and international issues, Irish culture and politics, thus increasing students' awareness of Ireland & its people.

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of the course at the highest level (Upper Intermediate/Advanced) meets the English Competency entry requirements for entry onto other programmes at TU Dublin Tallaght.

Graduate Profiles

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