Ethics\Strategy in Research

 Ethical issues occur in all types of research. Good ethical practice comes from being aware of regulatory guidelines, statutory prohibitions and Institute policies & best practice. The Institute of Technology Tallaght is committed to promoting and supporting ethical practice across all of its educational activities, including research. 

In all cases, researchers must comply with the Institute’s Ethics Policy while conducting their research. All Research involving or impacting upon human and animal participants requires ethics review by the Institute’s Research Ethics Committee, before the research project is started and before research funding can be drawn down. 

The schedule of dates for meetings of the Research Ethics Committee over the next academic year is given below


MEETING DATE - January 18th 3.00pm


Applications should be submitted on the relevant forms, along with supporting documentation where required, as follows:

One signed hard copy (to be signed by the applicant and Head of Department) and one electronic copy submitted directly to the Secretary of the Research Ethics Committee.

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