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Aisling Cusack

Deputy President/Education Officer  SU 

Aisling Cusack - Student Union DP/Education Officer 2015 at ITT DublinHi everyone, my name is Aisling Cusack and I am your Students’ Union Deputy President for Education for 2015/2016.

My office is located in the ITT SU building just across from the college and this is where I will run the second-hand bookshop. This service is a really handy way to make some money from your old books or buy used textbooks for a fraction of their price. The form that needs to be filled out to sell on your old books can be found here. Filling out this form prior to going over to the Union can save you time on the day. 

Other aspects of my job and responsibilities include organising tutorials for students, class timetables, and campaigns around exams, repeat exams and exam appeals.

I will also sit on a number of boards and committees that affect students’ education and college experience. I will be doing my best to represent you all and make sure that you receive the highest quality of education that you deserve and that any decisions that are made are made with the students’ best interests at heart.

Any conflicts or issues that arise between you and your lecturers or heads of departments, feel free to chat to me about them and I will try to resolve any problems.




Q: What can I do if I’m not happy with an exam result?

A: There is an appeals process in place here in ITT. You must print out and complete the exam appeals form. This must be signed and handed back into the registrars office within 3 days of getting your results. There is two forms of appeals.

1. RE-CHECK : means the administrative operation of checking the recording and the addition of marks which may result in one of the following outcomes:

Grade remains unchanged
Grade is increased
Grade is decreased

A recheck costs €20

2. REVIEW: means the re-consideration detail of all or part of the existing examination material, where feasible, by the internal and external examiner(s) and reconsideration by the Examination Board of a full set of results.

Grounds for a review: The submission must clearly identify the element or elements of the examination for which the review is being sought. It must also specify the grounds on which the review is sought and must contain all information which the candidate requires to have taken into account in the review.

A review costs €52

Q: I got a “D” in an exam...What does that mean?

A: In ITT a “D” grade is a compensate fail, you need a "C+" in another subject to bring that up to a pass mark. If not you will have to repeat the exam in August.

Q: What does my GPA mean?

A: Your GPA is your Grade Point Average. It is calculated to see what mark you obtain and if you have enough credits to progress to the next year. To progress you MUST have a minimum GPA of 2.00. The rest can be broken down as follows

Grade                         %

A                     80-100

B+                   70-79

B                     60-69

B-                    55-59

C+                   50-54

C                     40-49

D                     39-35

F                      34-0

GPA System

A         4.0

B+       3.5

B         3.0

B-        2.75

C+       2.5

C         2.0

D         1.5

F          0.0


Pass =                       2.00

Merit 2 =                    2.50

Merit 1 =                    3.00

Distinction =            3.25

Q: If I fail a subject what do I do?

A: If you are repeating you will be sent out a form in which you will fill out and input the module(s) you need to repeat and it’ll be returned to the registrar office. There will be a fee of €100 to repeat. Please note that this fee is a one off payment not how many you have, you  DO NOT pay €65 per exam.

Q: What is the registrars office?

A: The Registrars Office is responsible for all matters relating to admissions, registration and examinations. It is open each day:

Monday to Friday, from 9.15 - 17.00

All the staff in the Registrars Office will be happy to deal with any queries you may have in relation to admissions, registration and examinations. The following are included among the responsibilities:

Student Admission/Registration/Examinations/Academic Records
Student Affairs/Student Discipline/Students’ Union.
Student Services.
Co-ordination of Academic Computer Services.
Institutes Programme of Courses/Academic Planning.
Library Services.
Academic Council.
Schools Liaison and Promotion of Institute Courses.
Promotion of Academic Research and Scholarships.
Disability Services.

John Vickery is The Registrar and he has responsibility for all academic matters in the Institute: of particular importance is his role in academic quality assurance, academic development, planning and review, together with the study, formulation and co-ordination of academic policies and procedures. His responsibilities also include the organisation of the business of academic committees, particularly the Academic Council, Examination Boards and Validation Committee

Q: What is a class rep?

A: The student union run a class rep campaign in September of every year to recruit a class representative from each class. It is essential that each class elects ONE person to represent them. This will ensure your classes voice is heard and any issues can be resolved.

They are seen as the student unions foot soldiers they’re our eyes and ears on the ground and report back to us any concerns or issues going on within the class. They also meet with lecturers & heads of departments and have a monthly meeting with the student union and all other class reps to discuss important issues and to bounce ideas off.

Q: How do I access my timetable?

A: Before the semester begins you will be able to access your timetables here

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