Short Title:Tax Planning
Full Title:Tax Planning
Module Code:TAXN H4002
NFQ Level:8
ECTS Credits:5
Description:This module aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of Capital Gains, Capital Acquisitions and Value Added Tax and a good working knowledge of Stamp Duty. It aims to provide students with the ability to recognise and apply tax planning techniques in computing an individual’s, a partnership’s, a trust’s and a company’s liability to all taxes
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to
  1. Understand and apply the rules of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax as they apply to trusts
  2. Understand the provisions and computational rules as they apply to CAT
  3. Appreciate more fully the provisions of VAT
  4. Address problems incorporating more than one tax head and have the ability to engage in tax planning prudently and efficiently
  5. Have an understanding of the rules and provisions of Stamp Duty

Module Content & Assessment

Content (The percentage workload breakdown is inidcative and subject to change)
  • Introduction: (20%)
    Revision of all items relating to Capital Gains Tax and Value Added Tax covered at Ordinary Degree level.
  • Specific Transaction in Capital Gains Tax: (20%)
    Review the rules of C.G.T. as they apply to disposals of shares, rights issues, bonus issues, the treatment of long and short leases, all the relief's including roll-over relief, disposal of business assets, compulsory purchase orders, wasting assets and chattels, options, capital allowances and their interaction with chargeable gains, disposal of business on retirement and to a limited company. Capital Gains Tax as it relates to corporate bodies.
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax: (20%)
    Capital Acquisitions Tax including computational rules and definition of principle terms e.g. valuation date, on a death, disposition, general and special powers of appointment. Examination of the main relief's and exemptions including agricultural relief, favourite nephew / niece, deductions and liabilities, disclaimers, contingent liabilities, benefits / inheritances charged on assets. Computation rules for valuing private company shares and life / limited interests. Rules of territoriality for the location of assets. S60 Policies, government securities and self assessment provisions.
  • Trusts: (5%)
    The taxation of trusts under Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax.
  • Value Added Tax: (15%)
    Review of the provisions and schedules provided in VAT in more detail including group registration, property transactions, mixed and self supply.
  • Tax Planning and Current Issues: (10%)
    Tax planning by addressing problems which integrate all or a number of the taxes and their provisions. Tax systems of the future including proposals for reform such as the Commission on Taxation and an overview of the effect of the European Union
  • Stamp Duty: (10%)
    Stamp Duty provisions relating to the different categories of stamp duties including fixed and advalorem duties, conveyances on sales, exchanges, leases, partitions, divisions, assessing and adjudication, transfers between associated companies, reconstruction's, amalgamation, exemption and relief from Stamp Duty.
Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work30%
End of Semester Formal Examination70%
 Outcome addressed% of totalAssessment Date
Formal End-of-Semester Examination1,2,3,4,570%Semester End
Coursework Breakdown
TypeDescriptionOutcome addressed% of totalAssessment Date
Continuous AssessmentThe continuous assessment will take the form of an individual assessment. This will be an in-class, time constrained exam. The continuous assessment is designed primarily to assess learning outcomes 1, 2 and 4.30n/a

IT Tallaght reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload & Resources

This course has no full time workload.
Required Book Resources
  • Staunton, Eamon,, CPA Advanced Taxation Manual,, Latest Ed., Griffith College
Recommended Book Resources
  • McAteer, Reddin & Deegan, Income Tax, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Bradley, PRSI and Levy Contributions, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Appleby & O’Hanlon, Capital Gains Tax,, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Cremins, O'Brien & Brodie, Value Added Tax, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Brennan, Moore, O’Sullivan & Clarke, Corporation Tax, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Condon & Muddiman, Capital Acquisitions Tax, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Ward, John, Judge’s Income Tax,, Latest Ed., Butterworth Ireland
  • Feeney, M, The Taxation of Companies,, Latest Ed., Butterworth Ireland
  • O'Connor & Cahill, The Law of Stamp Duties, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Consolidated Stamps Acts
  • Consolidated Tax Acts
  • Revenue Statements of Practice and The Commission on Taxation Reports
  • SSAP Ltd, Personal Tax Manager Software, Latest Ed., SSAP Ltd