Short Title:Corporate and Capital Taxation
Full Title:Corporate and Capital Taxation
Module Code:TAXN H3004
NFQ Level:7
ECTS Credits:5
Description:This module aims to provide students with a good working knowledge of Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax and Corporation Tax. It aims to provide students with the ability to compute an individual’s, a partnership’s and a company’s liability to Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax and Corporation Tax.
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to
  1. Apply the principles of taxation to married and separated couples
  2. Apply the appropriate tax provisions to partnerships and farmers
  3. Compute the liability to Capital Gains Tax for individuals
  4. Appreciate the provisions and administration of VAT
  5. Appreciate the computational rules for determining the liability of companies to Corporation Tax

Module Content & Assessment

Content (The percentage workload breakdown is inidcative and subject to change)
  • Taxation of Married Couples: (10%)
    The different basis of assessment for married and separated couples including their treatment for tax in the year of death and separation.
  • Partnerships and Farmers Taxation: (10%)
    Treatment and calculation of profits and losses in a partnership and the use of charges on income. Farmers taxation including averaging, loss relief and stock relief.
  • Corporation Tax: (30%)
    Corporation tax computations and administrative procedures under Self Assessment, treatment of chargeable gains, capital allowances, losses (excluding terminal losses and losses derived from excess charges), reliefs e.g. Manufacturing Relief, Small Companies Relief and Dividend Withholding Tax.
  • Value Added Tax: (20%)
    Value Added Tax principles, legislation and administrative rules relating to registration, obligation to maintain records, definitions of taxable goods and services, taxable persons and the treatment of imports, exports and self-supplies. Different basis for accounting for VAT e.g. cash basis, a review of the Fourth Schedule, the two-thirds rule and VAT schemes.
  • Capital Gains Tax: (20%)
    Capital Gains Tax, definitions of chargeable gains, disposals and chargeable persons, the method of computation including indexation and losses. The calculation of chargeable gains as they arise from part disposals, disposal of shares, development land, chattels and business assets. An examination of the major reliefs and exemptions, for example, roll-over relief, principal private residence, transfer of a business on retirement or to a company and replacement of business assets.
  • Double Taxation: (5%)
    Double Taxation as it relates to individuals and in particular IRL/UK Tax Treaty including the application of residence and domicile.
  • Specific Tax Issues: (5%)
    Withholding Tax, Residential Property Tax, Revenue Audits, Penalties and Interest and Sub-Contractors C45 / Relevant Contracts Tax. The distinction between Contracts of and for Service and their tax implications.
Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work30%
End of Semester Formal Examination70%
 Outcome addressed% of totalAssessment Date
Formal End-of-Semester Examination1,2,3,4,570%Semester End
Coursework Breakdown
TypeDescriptionOutcome addressed% of totalAssessment Date
Continuous AssessmentThe continuous assessment will take the form of an individual assessment. This will be an in-class, time constrained exam. The continuous assessment is designed primarily to assess learning outcomes 2 to 4.2,430n/a

IT Tallaght reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload & Resources

This course has no full time workload.
Required Book Resources
  • Conlon, Tom.,, Student’s Tax Handbook, Latest Ed., McKeon, Murray Publications
Recommended Book Resources
  • McAteer, Reddin & Deegan, Income Tax, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Bradley, PRSI and Levy Contributions, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Appleby & O’Hanlon, Capital Gains Tax, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Cremins, O'Brien & Brodie, Value Added Tax, Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • Brennan, Moore, O’Sullivan & Clarke, Corporation Tax., Latest Ed., Institute of Taxation
  • SSAP Ltd.,, Personal Tax Manager Software, Latest Ed., SSAP Ltd
  • Consolidated Tax Acts and Revenue Statements of Practice, n/a