12th annual AFIS conference, 19-20 May, 2017

Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

11th annual conference, 21-23 May, 2015 

Theme: "Travel in France and Ireland: Tourism, Sport and Culture/Le Voyage en France et en Irlande : Tourisme, Sport et Culture."

Venue: Université de La Rochelle

Organisers: Dr. Brigitte Bastiat and Dr. Frank Healy

10th annual Conference, 23-24 May, 2014

Theme: "France-Ireland: Celebrating Words, Music and Art/France et Irlande : fêter les mots, la musique et l'Art."

Venue: National Concert Hall, Dublin

Organisers: Dr. Una Hunt, Dr. Brian Murphy, Dr. Eamon Maher and Dr. Mary Pierse

2013 Conference, 23-25 May

Theme: "Outside the Frame: Challenging Representations of France and Ireland/ Hors cadre : Représentations alternatives de la France et de l'Irlande."

Venue: Université de Haute Bretagne, Rennes2, 23-25 May.

Organisers: Dr. Yann Bévant and Professor Anne Goarzin

2012 - 8th annual conference: 'France and Ireland in the Public Imagination/La France et l'Irlande dans l'imaginaire collectif.' Mary Immaculate College Limerick.  Organisers: Dr. John McDonagh and Dr. Eugene O'Brien

2011 - 7th annual conference: ‘The Irish in France and the French in Ireland’/’Les Irlandais en France et les Français en Irlande’. Université Charles de Gaulle Lille3.
Organiser: Professor Catherine Maignant

2010 - 6th annual conference: ‘History and Memory in France and Ireland/Histoire et mémoire en France et en Irlande.’ Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne.
Organiser : Professor Sylvie Mikowski

2009 - 5th annual conference: ‘France, Ireland and Rebellion/La rébellion en France et en Irlande.’ University College Cork.
Organiser: Professor Grace Neville

2008 - 4th annual conference: ‘Issues of Globalisation and Secularisation in France and Ireland/Mondialisation et laïcité en France et en Irlande.’ Université de Rennes 2.
Organiser: Dr. Yann Bévant

2007 - 3rd annual conference: ‘Modernity and Postmodernity in a Franco-Irish Context/Modernité et postmodernité dans un contexte franco-irlandais.’ Institute of Technology, Tallaght.
Organiser : Dr. Eamon Maher

2006 - 2nd conference : ‘France-Ireland: Interlinks, Interference, Intertextuality/ France-Irlande: Interfaces, Intervention, Intertextualité’. University College Cork.
Organiser: Professor Grace Neville

2003 - 1st conference: ‘France and Ireland: Cultural, Literary and Spiritual Bonds/Liens culturels, littéraires et spirituels entre la France et l’Irlande’. Institute of Technology, Tallaght.
Organiser: Dr. Eamon Maher



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